The main causes of hair loss for women


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Dr. Nana Fry, nutritionist, revealed the causes leading to hair loss in women, noting that the loss of about 100 hairs per day is considered normal and there is no need to worry.

The expert says, “If the hair falls out without the roots of any” hair breakage “, then the reason is the lack of proper care for it. Perhaps a woman has previously dyed her hair or subjected it to a color-lightening process, or as a result of excessive use of curling irons or the dryer, and to treat this condition Nutrients benefit hair and patience. “

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Why does hair fall out and what are its types?

As for the causes of hair loss with its roots, they are: –

Iron Deficiency – To compensate for iron deficiency, you should add legumes, lentils, beef, and dark leafy green vegetables to the diet.

Copper deficiency- Copper is one of the most important minerals for hair growth, and when deficient in the body it causes hair loss and the appearance of premature graying.

Hormonal balance disorder – as a rule, this disorder occurs against the background of insulin resistance. This issue can be resolved with weight reduction and healthy nutrition.

Protein deficiency – one of the main reasons may be low acidity of gastric juice or liver work disorder. Because in the first case the protein is poorly absorbed, and in the second, its synthesis gets worse.

Stress – During stress, the adrenal gland produces more cortisol, which blocks the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and proteins, which makes hair supple, shiny, and thick.

Zinc and silicon deficiency – Zinc deficiency can lead to discoloration of the skin and a rash. As a person becomes vulnerable to colds. And when silicon is deficient, it causes early wrinkles, sagging skin and weak hair and nails.

Source: Novosti


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