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The municipality of Kfar Hathi-Zahrani approached the townspeople with a statement that I began by saying:
“We have always been singing about the safety of our town from the epidemic, and we have always stressed the awareness of our people and their good behavior. Now we inform everyone that we have fallen into the forbidden so that the Corona epidemic has entered the town.”

She added, “The honorable people of our town, the human chain linked to the infection is not simple and the number is not insignificant, especially since the youth component is the predominant one. Therefore, we will no longer allow the lives of people to be disregarded, nor will we neglect to confront responsibility, nor will we provide a means to protect our town even from its people.”

And she continued: “We announce to everyone that Kufr, unfortunately, has become infected, and based on all this, the following was decided:

First: The town is completely closed, meaning that leaving the homes is forbidden, day and night, unless absolutely necessary. And it is strictly forbidden to walk after six in the evening, under penalty of arrest and financial control.

Second: Every person who considers himself in contact or exhibiting symptoms must inform the municipality through the head of the Health Committee, Mahmoud Salman, at 03666980.

Third: the mandatory masks and separation under penalty of arrest and financial control.

Fourth: This decision shall be enforced for a period of fifteen days from today’s date.

As for “regarding Ashura councils and guest houses on public roads,” the municipality announced that it “tried very hard to cancel it, in compliance with the fatwas of the great references and the directives of the political leaders, but it did not receive a response from the organizing authorities, so it holds them responsible.”


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