The launch of the initiative “Saudi Ambassadors” to improve services and reduce waiting at airports


As part of its initiatives directed at developing services and raising their quality within the framework of the “TOP5” program for developing the services of the national carrier, in a way that enriches the guest travel experience and makes their trips comfortable, distinguished and safe, it has launched Saudi Arabian Airlines A new initiative to upgrade services at airports under the name “Saudi Ambassadors”. Their mission is to provide new and innovative services to the guests, answer their inquiries, and accompany them from entering the airport until they board the plane.The new service initiative was welcomed and appreciated by the guests at both King Abdulaziz International Airports in Jeddah and King Khalid International in Riyadh, as the service is provided around the clock as the two main airports for Saudi Airlines’ operational operations, as it aims to speed up travel procedures and reduce the waiting period, especially during peak times. They include domestic and international flights and for various travel classes. Upon entering the hall, the guest receives an employee carrying a tablet device to complete the travel process, answer inquiries and provide the necessary instructions.

Saudi Arabia celebrated the launch of the new service at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. The Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Sami Sindi, launched the “Saudi Ambassadors”, indicating that a new journey to develop services in Saudi Airlines has begun and will include all service stations and locations to be a travel experience. With the national carrier of the Kingdom, distinct and enjoyable in all its stages.

While the Vice President of Ground Operations at the Saudi Airlines Air Transport Company, Rashid Al-Ajmi, stressed during the review of the details of the initiative, that the new service comes from the constant ambition of “Saudi Arabia” to excel in various areas of service so that its guests have a rich and enjoyable travel experience, indicating that the service of “Saudi Ambassadors” is centered. About providing assistance to guests and meeting all their requirements from entering the departure hall and during all travel stages, including the completion of travel procedures, during the boarding process, and even leaving the arrival hall.

Al-Ajmi stated that this service will be provided to the guests of “Saudi Arabia” through a distinguished group of highly qualified and qualified national cadres through intensive specialized training and workshops with the participation of international trainers to provide the best services to guests during all stages of travel and for various degrees, while providing additional services to guests of the first class and business represented in Finalizing their procedures and escorting them to the Al-Fursan halls, indicating that the provision of service in the current period is in accordance with preventive measures, in order to ensure the safety of guests and employees and in the framework of preventing the emerging corona virus.


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