“The Lalala Revolution” on Army Day … overwhelming anger at the Social Media and another opinion (video)


Hours did not pass since the joy of the first of August, and the ceremony that unified the screens under the slogan “Karmalik Ya Watan”, until the Lebanese woke up to a controversy that lit the sushil media and awakened a response and a response among those who decided the situation, considering that deleting the phrase “born from the womb of sorrows” is “a deletion of the memory” And “fear of the revolution,” and among those who considered what took place “an artistic work in which no political ends are intended,” so what are the details?

(Hussam Shbaro).

“The revolution is born from the womb of sorrows.” Trend number one on Twitter. The reason is the spread of a video clip of a choir that sings at the end of the concert (produced by “MTV”, organized by the “Lebanese and Proud of Me” organization on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Lebanese army). # Magda_Al Roumi “Ya Beirut”, which was divided by the divided choir in two halves, young men and women, between “The revolution, the revolution”, to complete the other half “Lala Lala”, instead of “Born from the womb of sorrows”, so that the sites have been buzzing since early morning with what activists described as ” A repression that reminds Lebanon of the guardianship era, pointing arrows towards the government and the regulators, considering that what happened in their opinion was “organized” and “intentional” with the aim of “obliterating the Lebanese uprising” and erasing its images from memory. For the fearful, the decision was “from above” to cut the clip and confiscate the spirit of the song, which constitutes a resounding blow to Lebanese freedoms, Lebanese art and people. “Repression we did not witness in the time of trusteeship,” some resolved.

(Hussam Shbaro).

The noise is continuous. And the trend is still at its peak. People pass the video, and write almost the same angry speech, recalling pictures from the October 17 revolution and videos of the crowded squares, and the street saying his word, calling for a return to the land, because “the revolution terrified them and we have to return again, and amputating part of the song is only appropriate for that.” Seize the opportunity, and do not hesitate. ”

A number of artists, politicians and the media denounced the deletion of this phrase from the song:

Where journalist # Ali_ Hamada wrote: “A stupid security decision like stupidity, this ridiculous ruling behind deleting the clip” that the revolution is born from the womb of sorrows “from the song of Magda Al Roumi and is basically a poem by the giant poet Nizar Qabbani” # that the revolution is born of mercy of sorrows

Artist # Elisa commented: “Lalallallallallallallallallallalala, there is no right for the work team.”

The theatrical actor # Ziyad Itani said: # The revolution was born from the womb of sorrows … the cowardly and trembling Lebanese regime, among other things! “

“What is the next step? Uterine resection ???!” Asked the journalist # Nishan. #The revolution is born of sadness

In turn, the actor # Wissam Hanna published the video of the concert, commenting: “Beirut and the homeland are remaining, and no, no, no, no, no, no… They reduced national concerts, because all the national songs are not on your standard, and you will not kill you. Here, the joy will be in measuring the nation, no, no, no, no, no, no.

And Adela’s account published a tweet in which he said: “I mean by exaggerating, but #Julia is making a party that will all be for no … oh no, no land, a challenging force, oh no, not for the people of my country, I breathe, no.”

The presenter also commented # Hisham Haddad: The revolution generates stupid and trivial steps … # days_illalla

This is the social media atmosphere this morning. Rather, the sources of follow-up, organized and close to the military, have other words. According to “An-Nahar” contacts to verify what is going on from the other point of view, the novel was as follows: “This is a painting composed of a choir divided into two parts, the first says (the revolution) and the second repeats (Lalala) as a kind of artistic dimension of the song. This is an art. This is a national occasion and the ceremony celebrates the military establishment, and from here it constituted a reflection of reality in an artistic, not political way. The revolution is not removed from memory by cutting a section of a song according to the claim, or by a one-and-a-half-hour party. One of the participants is not against the revolution, not an association (Lebanese) I am proud of (not MTV). The positions are clear, the opinion is clear. What has been said has been exaggerated and increased. “

(Hussam Shbaro).

Another opinion close to the military assures Al-Nahar that none of this is intended. “If the army wanted to delete the word revolution, it would not have chosen the song from its origin. It is not time now for adventures and risks. Artwork has come forward at the end of the ceremony, without goals similar to what was said about it since the morning in the Social Media. Instead of people rejoicing at the above, the one who puts Sticks in the cupboards and belittles the Lebanese with its joy, all we wanted was to raise morale in this difficult circumstance and present a huge ceremony befitting the army and the homeland. “

Whatever the truth, repression is unacceptable to any party, any party, and any platform. Lebanon has been and will remain the country of liberties, word, song, melody and raised fists for the sake of dignity, freedom and human being. It is true that today he suffers from one of his greatest crises, but his spirit refuses to defeat and be caught in the context of quantum, silence, confiscation and oppression. This is Lebanon and it will remain. No compromise, no compromise.

The video is controversial


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