The Hariri Hospital report on “Corona” was issued … this is what it says


Rafic Hariri University Hospital issued its daily report on the latest developments about the Corona virus, which shows in numbers the cases in the isolation and quarantine areas inside it, and it stated:

1- The number of examinations conducted in his laboratories during the past 24 hours reached 473.

2- The number of patients infected with the virus who are inside it for follow-up is 80 patients.

3- The number of suspected cases of infection with the virus that was transferred from other hospitals during the past 24 hours is 17 cases.

4- The recovery of 5 patients inside it during the past 24 hours, bringing the number of those recovering in it from the beginning to its date, to 281 cases of recovery.

5- Transferring 3 cases from the intensive care unit to the isolation unit after their owners’ cases improved.

6- The number of critical cases inside it is 24 cases.


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