The features of the derby formation appear .. Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr weapons are prepared before the Saudi League summit


All fans in Saudi Arabia are awaiting the resumption of the Saudi Professional League competition, “Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League”, after they stopped for a very long time due to an epidemic. novel coronavirus «Covid 19», Which has brought about total paralysis in the country, where the return is set to be a heavy-handed confrontation between Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr.

He is to return Saudi League On the fourth of August, in the midst of a strict medical protocol to protect the lives of players and all members of the system.

It will be a showdown Crescent moon AndVictory On the 5th of August in the 23rd round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League, it is explained to who will be the champion of the competition, as Al-Hilal occupies the lead with 51 points, and 6 points behind the second-place winner, the Al-Nasr team, who will work with all strength to win to reduce the difference in points to Only three, with 7 rounds left at the end of the competition.

Features of the formation of the summit appears

The first Al Hilal soccer team, Abdullah Al Ma’youf, has regained the goalkeeper, before facing victory next Wednesday in the Riyadh derby.According to its sources, the Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, said that the goalkeeper’s participation is now available, and the decision will be returned to the Romanian coach Razvan Lusescu to involve him mainly from his absence in the derby after he proved his complete readiness to pass medical and fitness tests, and his participation in group training in the past days.

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Al-Mayouf suffered an expansion of the front thigh muscle, which was required by the medical clinic, and he was forbidden to participate in all experimental matches that Al-Azraq played during its preparatory camp..

On the other hand, the Portuguese Roy Vitoria, the coach of the first team for Al-Nasr football, pushed the Brazilian defender Maicon Pereira mainly in the maneuver he applied in yesterday’s training, which took place at Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud Stadium in the club’s headquarters in Riyadh.

The newspaper also indicated, according to its sources, that Vitoria intends to involve the Brazilian defender mainly in facing the upcoming Al Hilal in the derby.


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