The famous Indian singer “SBB” in intensive care due to Corona – thought and art – East and West


India’s most famous movie singer, SB Balasuprahmaniyam, entered the intensive care unit where he was placed on resuscitation devices due to COVID-19, according to the hospital where he is receiving treatment..

Assistant Director of Medical Services, Anuradha Bhaskaran, at MGM Health Care unit in Chennai, southeast India, reported a setback in the singer’s health after his hospitalization on August 5, following the appearance of symptoms of the Corona virus..

SB Balasubrahmaniam’s setback comes in conjunction with the exit of Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan from the hospital after recovering from the Corona virus, according to the American CNN network..

SB Balasubrahmaniam is considered a prominent figure in Hindi cinema and is known to fans as “Palu” or “SBB”.

He holds more than 100 songs as a playback singer, meaning a voice artist who records songs that are later imitated by actors in films, in a variety of languages ​​including Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, Bengali and Punjabi..

Pascaran said in a statement: “Late at night on August 13, 2020, his condition deteriorated and based on the advice of the expert medical team that takes care of him, he was transferred to the intensive care unit while he is on resuscitation equipment and his condition remains critical,” adding that the person concerned is 74 years old. It is closely monitored by experts in intensive care.

Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman asked fans to pray to the singer, calling him a “myth.”.



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