The European Union is negotiating with Sanofi to supply 300 million doses of the Corona vaccine


Sanofi is conducting “Sanofi “جلالاكسوسو” GSKAdvanced discussions with the European Commission (EC) To supply up to 300 million doses of the Corona Virus vaccineCOVID-19 The vaccine candidate you developed depends on Sanofi In partnership with Glaxo GSK “The technology based on a specific protein that Sanofi uses to produce the flu vaccine, and the auxiliary technology that was created from Glaxo,” according to the Sanofi website.

The site added, the doses will be manufactured in European countries including France, Belgium, Germany and Italy, and this represents a milestone in protecting and serving European residents against the Corona virus. COVID-19, Clarifying that today’s announcement helps ensure that millions of Europeans have access to a possible vaccine to protect against the Coronavirus COVID-19, Once it is proven safe and effective.

Thomas Triumph, Executive Vice President and Global President of Sanofi, said: Sanofi “It has been our firm commitment to provide a vaccine Corona Virus Affordable and accessible to all, we are grateful to the European Commission for their continued participation and joint support for this effort, as Sanofi works with Glaxo, relentlessly to develop and produce a vaccine to address this global health crisis.

European Union negotiations with Sanofi

Roger Connor, President of Glaxo added that the company is proud to work in partnership with Sanofi to make this vaccine available as soon as possible in Europe, where both companies have great capabilities in the field of research, development and manufacturing in Europe and are already working hard to increase production through our networks, this announcement from the European Commission It supports our ongoing efforts, adding that Sanofi is leading clinical development, and expects to study the first and second stage in September, followed by the third phase study by the end of 2020, and if the data are positive, regulatory approval can be achieved through the first half of 2021.

In parallel, Sanofi and Glaxo are expanding the vaccine production to produce up to one billion doses per year in general, as the two companies are committed to making the vaccine available year-round, he said.

The site added, the two companies have recently signed agreements with the United States where they have long-term partnerships with the Advanced Medical Research and Development Authority, as well as with the UK government, partners plan to provide a large portion of the total supply capacity available worldwide in the 22/20/2021 global initiative to reach Vaccines, a global collaboration of government leaders, the World Health Organization, and charitable companies and institutions, to accelerate development, production, and equitable access to Corona virus testing, treatments, and vaccines for all countries of the world, even poor countries.


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