The emergence of Hezbollah’s weapons in Zahle … “a final nail in the coffin of the homeland”


Today, Sunday, the entrance to the city of Zahle witnessed the passing of a procession to participate in the funeral ceremonies of a Hezbollah official in the Central Bekaa, Khadr Zuaiter, who died two days ago after suffering from terminal illness. As one of the convoys participating in the funeral passed, armed members of the party and shooting in the air occurred, causing panic in the area.

In turn, MP Michel Daher considered in a tweet on his account via “Twitter”, “that what happened today on the Zahle highway from armed appearances and random shooting is completely condemned and does not help to reinforce the civil peace, but rather leads to the tear of the last nail in the coffin of this Motherland”.

He added, “So I ask the security and military forces to confront these abnormal practices in order to preserve the remainder of the common life.”

For its part, the coordinator of Zahleh in the “Lebanese Forces” party condemned, in a statement, “in the strongest condemnation, what happened today at the entrance to the city from the indiscriminate shooting by militia elements of an armed party, cutting off the road and intimidating the people.”

I asked: “Where are the security and military forces from these manifestations and from these practices that are rejected by all the criteria that bring us back to a page that we thought had been folded forever?”

The Coordinator added, “It is true that Zahle is the home of peace and generosity and hospitality, and its doors are open to all the people of the country. However, what happened was a severe setback to this model that Zahle adheres to and represents and seeks to generalize and establish.”

The Coordinator concluded, “We used to continue to trust and support the establishment of the state, and we call for the limitation of weapons escaped by the legitimate security forces, so we came to put what happened in the bride of the Bekaa to the custody of the security forces and the Lebanese army, and that there is no need to remind those who betrayed their memories, that the history of Zahle and her sons is acclaimed for them They will not allow such acts to be repeated. “


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