The doors of the Kabuki Theater are all over again


On Saturday, Japan’s traditional kabuki theater resumed its performances after a five-month hiatus due to an outbreak of the Corona virus. Musicians put gags and actors away on stage, while the number of spectators was limited to half of what was usually allowed.The reopening of the famous Kabuki-za theater, which offers kabuki plays in Tokyo, comes after performances have stalled since last March, despite the increase in new cases of corona at record levels across the country.
In this context, Reuters quoted Yoshitaka Hashimoto, director of the theater, as saying: “We open our doors again according to the directives of experts to fight infectious diseases and take into account the safety of spectators from the moment they enter until the time of departure.”
On the stage, there is a limited number of musicians, all wearing black cloth masks stretching from nose to chest. Close-up of auxiliary artists on the stage also wore traditional black clothing, wearing masks and face shields.
Actors stood a greater distance from the edge of the stage and kept a greater distance than usual between them during the presentation of performances. The cast of actors and staff was changed completely after each chapter to reduce contact.
Spectators must measure the temperature before entering and wearing masks, while the number of audience seats has been reduced to less than half and the lounge has been sterilized between the show seasons.
This came at a time when Tokyo recorded, yesterday, Saturday, a new record increase in the number of cases of corona, amounting to 472 cases. Yoriko Koike, the governor of the Japanese capital, warned of the possibility of declaring a state of emergency in the city if the situation continues to deteriorate.


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