The death of the father of the Syrian artist Basil Khayat – Erm News


Syrian artist announced Basil TailorToday, Saturday, the death of his father, Samir Khaled Al-Khayyat, through a post that was published in his official account, “Instagram”.

Basil Khayyat wrote: “My father used to wish Dan, your good eyes fall asleep on my face before you left .. Farewell to the first man in my life, bye bye to your eternal tenderness … Farewell, Samir Khaled Al-Khayyat.”

The Syrian actress Kinda Alloush was the first to offer a duty of condolences to Basil on the death of his father, so she wrote: “Basil al-Omar is for you and for Muhammad .. God have mercy on him and makes his resting place paradise and insight you.”

While his fellow artist Qusai Khouli said: “Uncle Samir Uncle Abu Basil El-Ghali, may God have mercy on you, and may God rest you in peace.”

The Tunisian actress Dora added: “May God have mercy on him and make his rest in Paradise.”


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