The death of the Egyptian actress Shwikar


The Syndicate of Theatrical Professions in Egypt announced the death of the Egyptian actressShwikar, As she mourned her on her own page on a social media site, saying: “Survival is God mourning the Theatrical Professions Syndicate … the death of (the great artist Shweikar) .. God have mercy on the deceased and the concern of her family and her fans is patience and solace.”
Shweikar, a unique actress, carved her name in the hearts of her fans, through a long journey of giving to art, and her star remained shining, until she decided to retire after participating in the movie “Call Me Thank You”, because she felt alienated among the new generations.
Although she was offered more than one job and asked to submit her CV, she decided not to go out and stay out of the limelight, and continue her life with her grandchildren and her family, and Shweikar had recently been exposed to a health problem, but she confirmed that she was fine.


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