The death of a famous artist at the age of 81


Today Iraqi writer and playwright Adel Kazim died at the age of 81 after a struggle with illness.

The Babylon Festival of International Cultures and Arts mourned the late writer, and he said: “We lost the most important, most creative and daring creator of Iraqi theatrical and dramatic works since the sixties of the twentieth century, who re-considered theatrical writing in fluent Arabic since the Flood play that brought the Epic of Gilgamesh back to cultural and social life and raised the theatrical discourse to the best Its levels. ”
The Babylon Festival added, in his obituary, “The owner of the Mutanabbi and the shrines of Abi Al-Ward and his remorse for you this evening and the list goes on until the entire nation theater appears, written by one Shakespeare, and the writer of the wolf and then the eagle and the eyes of the city in the TV drama are the best presented by the Iraqi drama in the years of big drama stature representation and directing Al-Basri, who was born in 1939, left to leave the stage for an orphan this evening.


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