The Castle News | This painting costs only 40 thousand dollars


am 09:42 | 2020-08-18 – Tuesday

Castle News – – Russian artist Artium Loskotov, from Novosibirsk, made a painting called “Belarus” in a matter of seconds, and it was later sold in an Internet auction for three million rubles (more than 40 thousand dollars). The artist, one of the organizers of the annual “Monstratsia” processions, stated that when drawing the painting, he used a technique he called “clubbing” – he used a rubber dash baton to print several red strokes while stirring on a white cloth.

And in an interview with The Blueprint, Loskotov admitted that “Belarus” is his most valuable piece of club painting. Its predecessor “America” ​​was sold for 120 thousand rubles.

He said, “There are 14 or 20 strikes – it was done in a few seconds, not long, of course, but before doing these strikes, I watched videos of what was happening in Belarus for several nights and tried to live with it.”


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