The British Minister of Health confirms that most of those infected with Coronavirus have contracted the infection indoors


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                British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Wednesday in a televised interview that the examination and monitoring program implemented by the National Health Authority in his country showed that most cases of Covid-19 disease occurred in homes and that the infection in the workplace was relatively small.  Hancock ruled out imposing the wearing of masks at workplaces, as France did in the framework of measures to combat the emerging corona virus. 

                                    <p>He said <a target="_blank" href="فيروس-كورونا-بريطانيا-تشهد-أسوأ-ركود-اقتصادي-في-تاريخها-على-الإطلاق" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>British Minister of Health</strong></a>  Hancock died Wednesday to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that his country will not follow suit <a target="_blank" href="فرنسا-لماذا-لا-تزداد-الحالات-الحرجة-لمرضى-فيروس-كورونا-بالرغم-من-زيادة-الإصابات" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>France</strong></a>  People are likely to be required to wear masks in the workplace because its screening and monitoring program shows that most people with Covid-19 disease have been exposed to the infection at home.

“We are not studying to do that at the moment,” Hancock told television, in response to a question about whether Britain would impose masks in workplaces, as happened in France. “The reason is the evidence obtained from the National Health Authority program of examination and monitoring that those who contracted the disease were exposed in most of the time during a family gathering or other in a house,” he added.

“We believe from the evidence we have that the number of people who have contracted the disease in the workplace is relatively low,” he said.

France 24 / Reuters



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