The Berlin Festival is up to date … and the prizes are gender-neutral


Yesterday, Monday, the organizers of the Berlin International Film Festival confirmed that the 71st session of the prominent European event will be held on its scheduled date between 11 and 21 February 2021, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, while Germany is struggling with an increase in injuries due to returnees. From holidays, large family gatherings and night entertainment.In a highly acclaimed move, the festival announced that it would no longer separate the two awards for best actor and actress to avoid any hierarchy between men and women. From next year, the Silver Bear award will be awarded to Best Main and Supporting Performance instead of “Best Actress” and “Best Actor.”
In this context, the festival’s directors, Mariette Resenbeek and Carlo Chatrian, said in a statement that “the cessation of separation of awards by gender is an indication of a more equal perception of gender in cinema circles.” Arbitration ».
In parallel, the organizers of the festival added in a statement that it is being planned in its usual way, but that the European film market that takes place on the date of the festival will implement a model that includes online and real-life events.
Note that the European film market is the business center of the “Berlin Festival” and one of the largest international film markets in the world.
As for the variables imposed by the Corona virus, the festival stated that health measures will be applied in a way that provides the maximum possible protection for all guests: “In the coming weeks, the festival administration will determine the modifications in the structure of the event, the film program, and the total number of tapes that will be invited.”


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