The Bab Al-Hara star dies after being infected with the Coronavirus


1:16 PM

Monday 10 August 2020


The artist Tony Moussa died on Sunday evening, after being infected with the Corona virus.

Musa passed away at the age of 66, and the Syndicate of Artists called him Syria, since he was born in Damascus.

The artist, Basem Yakhour, published a photo of the late star, through his Instagram account, and commented: “Toni Musa is goodbye, may God have mercy on him, and I will dwell in his spaciousness in paradise. Oh, nice, and we have let loved ones and friends in this year.

Tony Moussa is famous for his performance as Abu Munir Al-Manshar in the famous “Bab Al-Hara” series

The late presented more than 60 series, the most famous of which was “Bab Al-Hara, Zaman Al-Silence, Tawq Al-Banat, Men Al-Hara”.

And he made stardom in the theater during his artistic career with works such as: “The Return of the Hidden One,” “He Died and Didn’t Repent,” and “The Hitt Broken”.

Basem Yakhour mourns Tony Moussa


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