The Astronomy Institute detects a Milky Way-like galaxy 12 billion light-years back


Omar Faris

Posted on: Sunday 16 August 2020 – 11:25 AM | Last update: Sunday 16 August 2020 – 11:25 AM

Ashraf Shaker, head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, said that the scientists of the European Southern Observatory have observed a galaxy similar to our parent galaxy in which our solar system is, and what is new in the matter is not that it is similar to our own, as many of the galaxies in the universe are similar to our galaxy as well as the Andromeda galaxy near us. , Using the large radio telescope (ALMA), but what is new is that this galaxy is located 12 billion light years from our galaxy, meaning that the image of that galaxy is its image 12 billion years ago.

Shaker added, in a press statement, that all galaxies were formed at the same time immediately after the emergence of the universe. Therefore, this galaxy gives an image of our galaxy as it was at that time.

He pointed out that although spiral arms have not been observed in our galaxy inside that galaxy, a rotating disc and a bulge of stars similar to the one inside our galaxy has been observed, and this result in itself is an important scientific discovery as many scientists had expected that galaxies at these far cosmic distances Very from our parent galaxy, its shape has not been organized yet, and it is not organized like the galaxies near us.

He continued: “This discovery is due to the accuracy and depth of modern observations by the European Observatory team, and that previous observations did not reach to photograph the rest of the galaxies with such high precision.”

Dr. Gad El-Kady, head of the institute, confirmed that the institute has published researches of the same type of studies on the formation of galaxies across different distances, and many researches have been published internationally using the latest data published globally, and many master’s and doctoral theses have been made for the Institute’s employees inside and outside Egypt.


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