The arrest of the late artist’s lover, George Michael


London police arrest the late singer’s lover, George Michael

British police have arrested Fadi Fawaz, the late singer’s lover, George Michael, as part of investigations into a series of hammer attacks on cars parked in London.

Police confirmed that Fawaz, 47, was arrested in Bethnal Green, east London, last Friday, after he smashed 3 Mercedes, BMW and Toyota cars with a hammer.

The arrest comes nearly a year after his family rejected allegations that he was homeless and depressed in London, claiming that he would “be fine.”

Media reports said that Fawaz was seen wandering the streets of London earlier this week in search of housing before his arrest.

The arrest of the late artist's lover, George MichaelFadi Fawaz

Fawaz’s relationship with the late Michael began in 2009, after the latter split from his partner Kenny Goss. On Christmas Day 2016, Fawaz was found dead at his home in Goring-on-Thames after trying to wake him up to lunch.

Michael died at the age of 53, and Fawaz claimed that his death was a suicide, but investigations said that the singer died of natural causes, and he had an enlarged heart muscle with myocarditis and fatty liver.

Fawaz continued to live in the singer’s London home until he was expelled in 2018.

Source: “Mirror”


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