Tectum beats Lundgard and records his first victory in Silverstone


Tecom, a driver, trampled all race laps from first place on the reverse grid, but entering the safety car late threatened his victory as he allowed his rival Lundgard and others the opportunity to change tires and try to make up for time three laps before the end.

Lundgard came close to hijacking the win, but Tchitum clung to his goal to achieve his first victory by a difference of no more than four tenths of a second from his opponent.

What also helped Tectum to fend off the Lundgard attacks was that the latter, in turn, was attacked by Louise Deletraz, who was satisfied with the last podium positions for his team, Sharuz.

Fourth place went to Jihan Daruvala, who benefited from the Guanyo Zhou car slipping from fourth position in the last lap.

Yesterday’s winner, Nikita Mazepin, managed to finish fifth with “MP Motorsport” Felipe Drogovich and Nobuharu Matsushita, while Campos driver Jacques Aitken completed the points.

Zhou and Marcus Armstrong finished the top ten, taking advantage of the late Prima team’s reaction with its drivers Mick Schumacher and Robert Schwarzman, along with the latter losing time behind his teammate and then with a slow maintenance pause.

Race result:


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