Taken in Saudi Arabia 100 years ago … Take a look at the Hajj seasons throughout history


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing an unprecedented pilgrimage season in which the usual million-crowd scenes are absent every year, after the Kingdom’s decision to conduct a pilgrimage with a limited number not exceeding a few thousand residents on its lands and not to receive pilgrims from abroad to confront New Corona Virus Spread (Covid-19).

Because of the changes in the current Hajj season, this may be a good opportunity to look at past decades and experience Hajj in the past.

Recently, the King Abdulaziz House, an institution concerned with the history and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recently published a series of tweets of historical photos taken during various stages of the Hajj season over the decades.

The tweets included many black and white images, such as a photograph taken in 1908 showing Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque during the Hajj season.

The photos also included a scene taken in 1908 of Mount Arafat during the pilgrimage season at the time, and other pictures showing the scene of the tents of the pilgrims converging in the Mina Al-Qutat area in 1935.

Among the most recent photos that the Foundation has shared is one of pilgrims during the ritual ritual rituals in 1934.

The pictures show the great development witnessed by the Hajj facilities over the decades to receive the huge numbers of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia every year.


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