“Table and Chair Debris Revolution” … Lebanese restaurants and cafes announce “Tourist Civil Disobedience”


The Federation of Trade Unions announced tourism establishments in Lebanon, on Tuesday, the launch of what it called the “revolution of the wreck of chairs and tables” on all Lebanese lands, the declaration of tourist civil disobedience, and the failure to pay fees to the state.

The captain of the owners of restaurants, cafes and cabarets, Tony Al-Rami, said in a press conference: “Today the revolution of the wreckage of chairs and tables begins, and we announce the closure of our accounts with the authority, and we will not pay after today before the existence of a new country.”

He added in statements during the conference, which was reported by a newspaper Daytime: “Tourist civil disobedience has become an acquired and legitimate right, and our losses are estimated at one billion dollars. Only an international conference similar to a” Sidr “would be useful to support our sector.

“We will not close our doors after today, and we will not pay a penny before there is a new country that knows how to invest our money,” he said.

In the conference, the federation stressed the separation of the partnership from the state and “communicating with donors to request assistance from the international community without going through the government.”

The head of the hoteliers’ union, Pierre Al-Ashkar, indicated that the sector establishments had not received any contact from the Minister of Tourism after the explosion.

Al-Ashqar said: “The state is the one that resigned from us and the countries of the world have looked at us more than our state, and we will not allow Beirut to kneel.”

The federation declared, “Non-compliance with the arbitrary closure decisions imposed by the government to confront Corona, and the reopening of the doors of tourism institutions despite the closure decision imposed by the state.”

And the government had decided a new phase of closure, which started from last Friday morning and will continue until the seventh of next September, in order to confront the increasing outbreak of the emerging corona virus.

Union officials revealed at the conference their decision to join the lawsuit filed by the Bar Association to hold the state responsible for direct and indirect damages to institutions and property due to the Beirut Port explosion.

On August 4, a massive explosion in Beirut port resulted in the destruction of entire neighborhoods, leaving at least 181 dead and thousands injured. The explosion followed popular protests against the ruling class, which led to the resignation of the government.

The disastrous explosion in Beirut exacerbated the country’s economic crisis.

The Lebanese government says it needs $ 20 billion in foreign funding, including $ 11 billion pledged by donors in 2018.

International institutions have warned of a delay in foreign aid and debt restructuring negotiations in the event of a prolonged political vacuum or the formation of a new weak government.


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