Syrian health official: Corona’s real injuries are twice as high


Reuters Yamam Al Shaar

Syrian health official: Corona’s real injuries are twice as high

A Syrian health official suggested that the figures for real Corona infections would be “much more than the recorded injuries” in the country.

Nizar Muhanna, director of health in the governorate of Sweida (south of the country), wrote in his personal page that the capabilities and resources in Syria are limited to conducting tests for known reasons “from war, sanctions and a ten-year-old siege” and said that it is natural, accordingly, “that the real injuries are much more than injuries Registered and fixed many times in addition to the casual accident. ”

Muhanna cited a country such as Britain, saying that the advanced health system was unable “to conduct a comprehensive epidemiological survey for the entire population despite conducting 25,000 tests per week, so the real injuries by their health authorities were estimated at more than 20 times the recorded and proven injuries.”

Muhanna added that dozens in the endosperm governorate are reviewing hospitals and health centers to report suspected symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus.

Muhanna says that it is noticeable that “the number of deaths due to injury is currently small, despite what we report from suspected home deaths.”

It is likely that the reasons for this are due to: “lack of virulence of the virus, or the presence of acquired immunity to us due to previous exposure to similar types of this virus, or to environmental or genetic factors”

He describes all of this as reassuring, but cautiously, as “prevention with the application of sanitary rules” remains the guarantor of crossing to the beach of escape from injury and its complications.

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