Syria: Precise surgical work for elderly people with corona



A Syrian surgeon performed two operations of two patients with corona, which are considered important operations, taking into consideration the circumstances in which Syria is going through.

On the two operations, the surgeon Raif Yassin told RT that in normal circumstances, they are considered normal operations (fracture of the thigh neck), but the high level of risk in the two patients, in addition to proving that they are infected with the Corona virus, is what distinguishes the two operations.

Yassin pointed out that the analyzes and pictures before the surgical intervention proved the presence of corona infection, for the two patients (one of whom was 80 years old and the second patient 85 years old).

He said that the two patients accidentally entered the hospital on the same day, and indicated that there were those who refused to undergo a surgical intervention after one of the patients was found to have a corona infection.

Yassin, who previously performed dozens of free operations during the crisis the country is going through, especially during the bombings, adds that “he only accepted the operation and under appropriate (local) anesthesia, and that the two patients graduated and their masses are now good.”

Osama Younes – Damascus


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