Syria .. After days of burial and receiving condolences, “The deceased was infected with Corona”



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Qusayya mosque in the Syrian province of Hama

Since it was announced in the village mosque that the one who died a few days ago was infected with Corona, the Qusaiya village in the Syrian province of Hama is still in a state of anxiety.

Sources in the village told RT that “the people dealt with the death as usual in terms of burial and funeral procedures: washing the body and praying over it, then receiving condolences and sympathy for the deceased, and days after the burial, the village began to say that the deceased had a corona, amid information circulated by some indicating the emergence of the swab results.” While others mentioned that no swab was taken from the patient at all. However, the constant is that the patient’s file contains the phrase “sk sk.”

The matter became official with Al-Khabar broadcasting via loudspeakers in the village mosque, and the people were informed that “the deceased had a corona infection” and that those in contact with “must adhere to voluntary quarantine.”

A resident of the village wonders, “If there is a suspicion that the deceased had a corona, then why did they not administer the swab to him? And if they did it, why did they not inform the people of its result, and how it is delivered to his family without any precautionary measures that guarantee the health of others?”

Osama Younes

Source: RT


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