Switzerland contracts with Moderna to book millions of doses of the Corona vaccine


The Federal Office of Public Health stated that the agreement aims to “ensure access Switzerland Early to Modern fertilizationIt was one of the first deals with the company by any government.

“The federal government wants to ensure that the Swiss population has swift access to.” Fertilization of Cofid-19 Safe and effective. At the same time, Switzerland supports multilateral projects for a fair distribution of the vaccine in the future, “according to the” Associated Press “.

The statement added, “Moderna’s deal will make it possible to vaccinate 2.25 million people, because expectations indicate the need for two doses,” and this would be sufficient for more than a quarter of the rich country’s population in Alps Their number is 8.2 million.

The Swiss government is also in talks with other vaccine companies, and it has allocated 300 million Swiss francs (nearly $ 330 million) to buy the Covid-19 vaccine.

Early trials revealed that the experimental Moderna vaccine, which was developed in cooperation with the US National Institutes of Health, activated the device. Immunity.

A larger-than-expected study began with 30,000 people last month, and hopes to show that the vaccine is strong enough to protect against the Coronavirus.

The company, “Moderna”, said on Wednesday, that the dose of its experimental vaccine for Corona virus was priced between 32 and 37 dollars on average for contracts for smaller deals, higher than the price set by the US deal for the vaccine candidate for “Pfizer”.


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