Study: Thousands of giant planets surround black holes


(MENAFN – Youm7) Scientists say that thousands of giant planets surround black holes made up of space dust. Scientists expect the existence of thousands of exoplanets orbiting around the “safe zone” of the black hole, and a research team conducted a number of simulations to determine these planets from dust grains that orbit around the black hole .

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, these worlds can be generated from dust that revolves around the enormous gravitational monster, which collides together when it collides, which is similar to the traditional planetary process.

According to the study, a new class of giant planets could be formed around a black hole, provided that the standard scenario for planet formation was located in the circular nuclear disk.

The traditional planets appear when dust is scattered around a stellar bond together to form a disk, which prompted astronomers at Kagoshim University in Japan to expect the existence of planets around the huge black holes, with materials revolving around them in a circular shape.

Research indicates that ice-covered particles clump together when they collide and when they grow larger, the clumps transform into a rocky world.

Although black holes are known to eat their way through the universe, the team suggests that because the orbital velocity of the accretion disk is moving so fast, the exoplanet will not be able to escape its orbit.

The researchers suggest that a black hole with a million solar masses could allow a planet to orbit just 13 light-years away, however, the team also noted that the conditions surrounding the black hole would be nearly perfect for the birth of an exoplanet.

“Our results indicate that planets could form around the nuclei of an active, relatively low-light galaxy during their lifetime,” the study researchers said.



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