Study: Medical personnel face 3 times greater risk of developing corona


According to the study, this comes in comparison with the rest of the population, and the study warned of a greater risk for the treatment teams of ethnic minorities.

The study, the results of which were published in “The Lancet” magazine, analyzed data entered by users in an application intended for people infected with the new Coronavirus via their smartphones between March 24 and April 23 in Britain and the United States.

The study authors compared the risk of infection to patients who interact directly with patients and the rest of the users.

The number of confirmed cases of this disease was two thousand and 747 injuries per hundred thousand therapists were using the application, compared to 242 patients per hundred thousand users from the rest of the population groups.

Taking into account the differences in the possibility of examinations by therapists and the rest of the population in mind, the study authors concluded that “therapists face a 3-4 times higher risk of developing Covid-19”.

The study authors indicated that the risk is five times higher for therapists who say they are “members of ethnic minorities, black or Asian”, even taking into account the use of the necessary medical protection equipment.

From Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Erika Warner said, “Our results confirm structural differences vis-à-vis Covid-19. Minority therapists were more likely to work in more serious medical settings with patients who were confirmed or probable Covid-19, and they also had With less access to the required protective equipment. ”

Also, inequality in access to masks, gloves and other protective equipment is expected to be a major factor worsening the risk of infection.

About 2.6 million users in Britain, 182,408 users in the United States participated in the study when it began.

With people who used the application for less than 24 hours being overlooked, and those who had previously been infected with the virus, the number of study participants was 2.1 million, including 99 thousand and 795 people who identified themselves as being treated in direct contact with patients.

Globally, the new Coruna virus infected 17 million, 899 thousand and 586 people, of whom 685 thousand and 741 people were infected, while 11 million and 261 thousand and 762 cases recovered, up to this point.

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