Standard & Poor’s is closing in almost flat with continued difficulty climaxing


A woman wears a muzzle and passes by the New York Stock Exchange on March 18, 2020. Photo: Lucas Jackson-Reuters.

(Reuters) – The Standard & Poor’s Index closed almost flat on Friday despite approaching again from its close highs, as data on the US economy exacerbated uncertainty about the recovery.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Standard & Poor’s traded briefly above its record closing level on February 19 at 3,386.15 points, but lost momentum on Friday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 34.3 points, equivalent to 0.12 percent, to 27,931.02 points, and the Standard & Poor’s Index closed down 0.58 points, or 0.02 percent, to 3,372.85 points, and the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 23.20 points, or 0.21 percent, to 11,019.30 points.

On a weekly basis, Standard & Poor’s gained 0.6 percent, the Dow advanced 1.8 percent, and Nasdaq added 0.1 percent.

Prepared by Mahmoud Salama for the Arabic Bulletin


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