Sony launches special TVs for the Playstation 5 .. the remote controls the device



Al Ain News Agencies
The Japanese company Sony Electronics announced the launch of special TV models for the PlayStation 5 game console, and it includes a remote control that allows controlling the game console.

The TVs presented are the Bravia HX90 / 90 4K HDR Full Array and Bravia ZH8 8K HDR Full Array.

The Japanese company explained that the Bravia XH90 / XH92 TVs have an image activation rate of 120 frames per second with 4K resolution and a very low latency of 7.2 ms.

The ZH8 can display 8K resolution, but PlayStation 5 only feeds it at 4K and 120fps.

A special feature of TVs marked “Compatible with PlayStation 5” is the special game mode, which reduces latency when playing with PS5 to a minimum.

The DualSense Wireless Controller can also be used to wake both the TV and the PS5 from sleep mode.

Additionally, the PlayStation 5 gaming console can be easily controlled via the TV remote control.


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