Solshire praises the Manchester United star before the European League confrontations


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Ahmed Gouda – Cairo – Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has praised striker Anthony Martial’s efforts to improve physically during his best season at Old Trafford.

Frenchman Martial scored his 23rd goal for United in all competitions this season against LASK on Wednesday as his team qualified for the Europa League quarter-final.

“Anthony has made tremendous strides this season in many aspects of the game,” Solskjaer told a press conference before the Copenhagen match in Cologne in the quarter-finals on Monday.

He added, “Physically, he is in the best condition during his career and we know that he can do impressive things, but I like him to score simple goals. He does a lot of exercises in the gymnasium to improve his fitness and body. I look forward to seeing his development and he has a lot to offer.”

United arrived earlier on Sunday to play the rest of the European League competitions in different German stadiums and play each round from one match until the final date in Cologne on August 21.

Solshire, who led United to qualify for the Champions League after finishing third in the Premier League, said the tournament held at the end of the season will help the team develop.

He continued: “We participated in the European League and we know that it is a great opportunity to win a title and go far, but it is also an opportunity to prepare some young players and this was ideal for us.”

He concluded: “I think if we had competed in the Champions League, we might not have found an opportunity to push players like Brandon (Williams) and Mason (Greenwood) and many of the young talents who have started now that will have wonderful careers.”

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