Shweikar was widowed at the age of 18 and got married 3 times .. and she cooked for Fouad Al Mohandes for the last day of his life


An icon of beauty and joy, and a symbol of beauty and happiness on the screen, her roles varied between romance and comedy.ShwikarIn any work he was a guarantor to ensure his success.

Her grandfather is an officer in the Muhammad Ali army, and her father is from the notables of the East

On the twenty-fourth of November 1938, Shweikar Ibrahim Tob Thakal was born, to a Turkish father and a Circassian mother, and her grandfather’s title was “Tob Thakal”, which is a Turkish title obtained by the people of high standing there, as her great-grandfather came to Egypt during the Ottoman rule and worked as an officer in The army of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and her father was from the notables of the East.

A widow at the age of eighteen and the ideal mother at twenty

She grew up and livedShwikarIn Heliopolis, her artistic tendencies began to appear at the age of four, and Laila Murad was at this time her favorite star, and her father followed her in French schools, where her father was fond of poetry and was hungry for reading, while her mother was good at playing the piano, which affected Shweikar’s life, which was distinguished With her striking beauty, her father decided to marry her to a wealthy young man, “Eng. Hassan Nafi”, when she was sixteen, and after a year of marriage she gave birth to her daughter, Menna Allah, after which her husband became seriously ill. A widow and mother to her only child at the age of eighteen, and two years later, she was chosen by Sporting Club, and she was crowned the ideal mother at the age of twenty, where she worked, taught and raised her daughter.

Dorse acting received her first work with Omar Sharif

After the trauma that Shweikar experienced, she thought about her life in a serious way and enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, the French Language Department, and decided to look for a job. Director Hassan Reda was close to her family and nominated her to work in the Ansar Acting troupe, where she participated in more than one play and decided to receive acting lessons at the hands of Abd Al-Warith Asr and Muhammad Tawfiq, to ​​present her first film in 1960, “My Only Love”, in front of Omar Sharif, Nadia Lotfi, and Kamal El-Shenawi.

SubmittedShwikarAfter this movie, many works, but a coincidence that changed her life when she was nominated in 1963 to lead the championship in the play “The Technical Secretary”, and it was supposed to present the championship in front of it by the actor Mr. Bader, but he traveled surprisingly to get the starring work actorFouad Al-MohandesTo begin their relationship.

She got married 3 times, and her relationship with Fouad al-Muhandis remained after the separation

SubmittedShwikarWith Fouad Al-Muhandis, many works, and during the play “I and She”, he decided to offer her marriage on stage, so he told her, “Marry me, biscuit.” She immediately returned and his money, to start a story of love and success between them and Shweikar also became a mother to his children from his first wife And the story of their love continued for more than twenty years of marriage, and even after the separation, the couple continued to emphasize love, and Shweikar says about the engineer: “I had a lover, a friend, a husband, a brother and a teacher and I thought that I was the first and last love in his life, even when we separated, our relationship continued to the last moment in his life. “. Even after their separation, many people came to her engagement, so her response was always, “Whoever marries me is not less than Fouad Al-Muhandis, and his son Muhammad Al-Muhandis said that his father was eating from the hand of Shwikar for the last moment in his life, and Shweikar had a third marriage from the scriptwriter Medhat Hassan did not talk about her much.” .

During her association with Fouad al-Muhandis, and even after the separation, Shweikar and the engineer presented many important works. In the cinema, she presented “A Quarter Dozen of Evil Persons,” “Ataba Jazz”, “Viva Zalata”, “Love Vacation”, “Confessions of a Husband” and “A Runaway” From marriage and the most dangerous man in the world. And plays such as “Eve at 12”, “Technical Secretary”, “My Beautiful Lady”, “I, He and She” and “She is Really a Respected Family”. Shweikar was among the stars of the sixties and seventies a special-style comedian and theatrical artist who was able to achieve stardom in Cinema and theater also, unlike other stars, who were more keen on cinema at that time.

She was distinguished in the tragedy and regretted her experience withKhalid yousef

Although theShwikarShe was the comedian at the time, but she was also able to diversify her roles and present tragic works such as “Love of the Masters” in front of Ahmed Mazhar and Omar Sharif and “The Open Door” with Faten Hamama and Amir Al-Dah, “Karnak” and “Bain Kasserine”, unlike many of the stars who They decide to retire after years, due to the emergence of new generations, but Shweikar remained strong and a common denominator for many works, and she accepted to appear as a guest of honor in many works, after she was an absolute heroine, so she participated in the movie “revealed the hidden” with Nabila Obaid and “Saad Al-Yateem” with Naglaa Fathy and “America Chika Beca” with Mohamed Fouad, and she also participated in dramas such as “Hawam Garden City” and “A Woman from the Time of Love”. Years later, she remained out of the limelight before director Khaled Youssef convinced her to return to the cinema, through the movie “Talk to Me Thank You” in 2009, in which she appeared with signs of aging.ShwikarIn a television interview, she admitted that she was not convinced of the film, and director Khaled Youssef did not treat her in a manner that befits her artistic history.

The last work she appeared in was “A Public Secret” in 2012 with Ghada Adel, and she wasShwikarShe was nominated to star in the play “Raya and Sakina” in front of Shadia, but she did not participate in the work that went to Soheir Al-Babli.

A quiet life with grandchildren and no intention to return to the spotlight

Despite rumors about her health condition from time to time, howeverShwikarShe lives a stable family life with her daughter and grandchildren, and follows up on artistic works, but she decided not to participate in any artistic work since the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Egypt in 2012, after which she decided to stay away from any participation, but she hates the word “retirement” and is content with following up, but despite that You do not like technology, so you do not own a mobile phone or a computer.

And various health ailments

The last years passedShwikarWith many health ailments, in 2016 she suffered a fractured pelvis and remained at home for long periods. In a televised intervention at the time, she described her condition as “amazing”.ShwikarShe only accepts close friends to visit her, but her relationship with Nabila Obeid and Mervat Amin has continued until now.

Her death

Shweikar died on the 14th of August at the age of 85 after a struggle with illness, and the Representative Professions Syndicate called her, saying: “Surviving God mourns the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions .. The death of the great artist Shweikar .. May God have mercy on the deceased and inspired her family and her fans patience And solace. “


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