She showed her body in front of the camera .. A witness of Jane Omran’s wonderful birthday from her Iraqi friend!


Jane Imran received the Saudi media, the strangest gift from her close friend, Iraqi fashion designer Zina Zaki, which was a real bus full of dresses.

Jane Omran published a video that was monitored by Watan, documenting the moment she received the “Eidiya”.

“Zina sent me her new collection of evening dresses to choose from her what I like as a holiday this year,” said Lujain.

Lujain began experimenting with some dresses, the first of which was a transparent floral dress decorated with feathers from his limbs, and she measured and demonstrated it in front of the camera.

She assured Jin that this weird delivery method is a fashion designer’s way to deliver any of her designs to her customers.

In the end, Lujain was chosen on a black dress with one shoulder, and her picture was published on it via “Instagram”, accompanied by a comment: “Every year, everyone is fine, health, love, happiness and comfort. May God bless you with your family and your beloved goodness, God willing, my beloved friend and creative designer Zina Zaki. Thank you for The sweetest Eid.

And recently there had been some news about the marriage of Lujain Imran to a prominent Emirati businessman, and this news was not reinforced by the spread of a video that he gathered with one of her friends, who blessed her on the program, and then hinted that there is another good news in the life of Imran, announcing that it will be revealed later.

However, “Lujain” denied the matter altogether and in detail. She said: “My husband once married a Saudi, once an Emirati and other nationalities, and every day they say something and see what nationality I have no problem. ”

She added, “I got a red line. I don’t talk about my personal life, specifically with regard to getting married or not getting married.”


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