Shahira worries the public about the health of Mahmoud Yassin


The famous Egyptian actress, Shahira, spoke about the developments in the health of her husband, the great artist Mahmoud Yassin.Shahira confirmed to the program (the ninth) presented by the Egyptian media, Wael El-Abrashy: “Mahmoud’s condition does not improve. Our Lord does not know. We will not work. The one says, O Lord, the crisis is over.

Shahira said: “His condition is hours that remain to some extent, the one who accepts it, and hours that I will shake Oei, my children tell me, Mami, we do not know the developments of the topic, because I am obliged to continue with any detail, even if small, with the influence of Ma’a, but I wish from our Lord the situation is deteriorating, even if it will prove I am satisfied, I mean, until I say thank God for his sense in this world. ”

She added: “No one will enter a final 5-month-old with me. Amr Qali, I want to see my father. I told him that you are mixing. He said that we do not have to live life and the issue of (Corona) is lengthy and we take the precautionary measures. I said to him. Ok, I said something but from afar. They let them see him while wearing the muzzle from Far too far away, Rania allowed her to see him from afar, meaning she was in the garden and we are in the room. ”


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