See the first picture of “Space Butterfly” in thousands of light years


Sunday 2 August 2020 08:37 PM

Window on the World – The European Space Observatory was able to take a stunning image of a planet nebula known as the “space butterfly”, which is a colorful and shining clouds located thousands of light years from the planet Earth. Similar to butterfly, and had never seen it before, according to the American “CNN” network.

These clouds are called the “planetary nebula” in the scientific medium, and they are huge clouds of gases formed around an old star that has not yet exploded..

The recently photographed planetary nebula, that is, the butterfly, is between 3,000 and 6,500 light years away from our planet, which is visible from the southern hemisphere, according to Sky News.

This nebula witnesses the emission of ultraviolet rays around a star, in a brilliant fashion, but this phenomenon is not long-lived, because it comes to thousands of years only, and this period is not long in astronomical scales..

This charming satellite image was taken through a telescope in Chile that previously captured images of other amazing space objects..

The telescope, which took a picture of the nebula, is among the most accurate imaging devices in the world to date, according to the European Space Observatory.

One of the extraordinary advantages of this observatory is that it can see things more than 4 billion times more accurate than the human eye.

Source: the seventh day


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