Scorer for sale .. Stuttgart sacrifices the maker of the achievement of the climb


Stuttgart, a rookie Bundesliga champion, did not stick to his Argentine goalscorer Nicholas Gonzales, despite what he did with the team last season.

The 22-year-old Argentine striker scored 14 goals in 27 Serie A matches last season, helping the team return to the local lights league again.

Sven Messlintat, sporting director of Stuttgart, said his club is ready to give up its top scorer, if he receives the appropriate financial compensation.

“Everybody needs revenue in the time of the Coronavirus, if someone comes to us and offers us an amount that cannot reasonably be rejected at the present time, we will sell the player and we will develop or buy an alternative,” Messelinat said in televised remarks.

Gonzales joined Stuttgart on a 5-year contract in 2018, and has no objection to leaving his ranks.

And revealed reports of the desire of a number of Premier League clubs to obtain his services.

“Certainly we are aware of the speculation surrounding the future of Nicholas Gonzales, we expect to receive an offer that we cannot refuse and then consider selling it,” said Mycelinate.

He concluded: “But the important thing is that Nico’s contract with us expires after 3 years and there is no penalty clause, and this simply means that everything must be done through us, and that the decision will be in our hands at the end of the matter.”


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