Scientists break a record for the fastest internet line ever


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The new record is about 5 times faster than the previously recorded world record, which was designed by a team of Japanese researchers, as scientists recorded in their new discovery an astonishing speed of 178 terabytes per second (Tbps).

According to the specialized scientific site “sciencealert”, with the availability of the new Internet, downloading about 1500 movies with a resolution of “4K” with a size of 15 gigabytes requires only one second.

According to the project owners, what distinguishes this discovery is the ability of those in charge of developing the old optical wires that supply the regular network to become compatible with the new service.

Experts estimate that adding new technology to existing devices, which span for example about 40 and 100 kilometers (25-62 miles), will require a fraction of the expense that would be required to replace the actual fibers.

To reach this standard speed, the team used a much wider range of wavelengths (the colors of light) than those commonly used to transmit data.


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