Science and technology news .. Buy an iPhone 7 for only 2,600 pounds … and 3 Android phones at the same price as the iPhone SE


Science and Technology News The “Echo of the Country” website published a set of news and reports related to science and technology in the past hours, including new information on the latest various technologies, the most important of which are as follows.
Buy an iPhone 7 for only EGP 2600 .. Limited copies
If you are a fan of the famous iPhone phones with a small size suitable for the hand like the past versions, due to the reputation of the Apple phone being the smartest and most elegant in the world, but that pushes Apple to offer its products at high prices, but thanks to this offer, you can buy an iPhone 7 for less than half its price. .
A new manufacturing defect threatens to launch 12 iPhones on time
Sources from inside the American company Apple revealed that there is a new problem in the manufacture of the expected iPhone 12 series, which will make the launch of the phone on time very difficult.
Qualcomm is seeking to manufacture the next Chinese Huawei phone processors … Find out why
The Chinese company Huawei revealed that it will not rely on Hisilicon again in its smartphone processors, so the upcoming Mate40 phone becomes the last device equipped with the Kirin SoC, as the American company Qualcomm tries to persuade the Trump government to allow it to provide Chinese companies with its processors.
3 Android phones at the same price as iPhone SE .. Find out the best
Apple released the iPhone SE several months ago, and despite the issuance of many other competitive and leading phones, it still retains its glamor because of its great potential and its cheap price, which was a surprise to everyone, as the iPhone SE is the first modern phone from Apple to be issued at a cheap price. As described by the CEO of Apple, it is faster than the fastest of any Android phone, but similar 3 Android phones at the same price as the iPhone SE.
Chinese hackers infiltrate the largest processor company in Taiwan
A group of Chinese hackers infiltrated the largest Taiwanese processor company, and stole information and documents on industry secrets, including stealing the source code and software development secrets of the company.

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