Schubert: A friendly match between Red Castle veterans at the opening ceremony of Al-Ahly Stadium


Media journalist Ahmed Schubert, the former goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, revealed the scenes of the inauguration ceremony of Al-Salam Stadium with its new name Al-Ahly Stadium, scheduled for 7 pm today, Wednesday, and Schubert said in his radio program via On Sport FM, “Al-Ahly succeeded in agreeing with the Estadat Company.” In acquiring the Peace Stadium and changing its name, because the budget of the Red Castle does not allow at the present time to establish a stadium, if Al-Ahly thinks about building a stadium, it is necessary to attend 60,000 fans, and this requires a very huge budget that is not available in the Red Castle now“.

Schubert added, “If Al-Ahly succeeds in building a stadium, it will leave peace immediately, but I doubt that Al-Ahly can do this in the next few years, especially since the October land may not be suitable for this event, as well as the land of Nasr City was designated for the stadium, but its proximity to the airport is no longer.” Suitable to be established, so it was transferred to a second headquarters for the club with distinctive capabilities, a stadium project for Al-Ahly or Zamalek at the present time is very difficult to see the light“.

On the other hand, Schubert stressed that “Military Production will not go out of its stadium, and that Al-Ahly will play its local and African matches at its new stadium, and if there are matches that need mass crowd at the African level, they will play in Cairo Stadium, stressing that Al-Ahly players love to play at Cairo Stadium because His ground is already global, and that the team will play its main training session before any match at Al-Salam Stadium, but the daily training will remain in Touch.

Cairo Stadium was built for 3 million pounds, and after years the clock was put in it for 3 million pounds, and it was renovated before the African Nations Cup for one billion pounds.

Schubert added, “Mahmoud Al-Khatib concluded the agreement with a stadium company in the utmost secrecy, and the members of the Council were surprised by the exit of Al-Ahly Stadium to the light, with the exception of Muhammad Siraj, who was supervising this file.”“.

And Schubert continued:”Al-Ahly He invited all his symbols to attend the opening ceremony of Al-Ahly Stadium today, and he also extended an invitation to the Prime Minister and all the ministers, headed by the Minister of Sports and the Minister of Military Production, and a friendly match will be held between Al-Ahly veterans to celebrate the inauguration of the new stadium. Al-Harbi, except after he requests permission from the two teams, with the exception of the Egyptian national team, of course, and Al-Ahly and production reaped great financial gains, and the opening tape of the Al-Ahly and Military Production match will be cut next Friday.“.

“Al-Ahly is the most well-invested club with its name and slogan in Egypt,” Schauber concluded. “They awaited a wonderful party today. Congratulations to Al-Ahly and its fans.”

Al-Ahly club officials agreed with the Estadat Company to open Al-Salam Stadium with its new name “Al-Ahly Stadium” in the presence of the club’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib. The Al-Ahly and Military Production match is scheduled for next Friday, the first at Al-Salam Stadium after changing its name to Al-Ahly Stadium, and the development stage has ended. Al Salam Stadium was the first, which witnessed the development of dressing rooms, fences and the stadium façade.


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