Sayyed Nasrallah: Geographical boundaries do not remove responsibility …


The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, His Eminence, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, considered that we must bear the responsibility towards every human group whose problems and news we know, and the responsibility is expanding with the breadth of the circle of responsibility, stressing that it is “our duty to defend our country and our people when they are attacked,” noting that “the geographical borders do not remove responsibility “.

During his televised speech on the third night within the central commemoration of Ashura, His Eminence asked, “Can anyone claim that our presence within certain geographical boundaries waives our tasks and responsibilities towards others?” Noting that the boundaries of color, race, language, geography and religious affiliation do not drop many responsibilities We have to do with other people.

His Eminence indicated that the United States of America interfered with force, arms, armies and intelligence in many regions of the world, asking, “Is not America required not to interfere in the affairs of states?”

He added, “America can wage wars and crush the bones of children in Yemen and elsewhere, and you cannot speak a word condemning the aggression.”

Sayyed Nasrallah asked the Americans, why do you have the right to interfere in the affairs of states and wage wars, and neither we nor others have the right to extend a helping hand to these aggressed countries?

His Eminence also asked, “In the incident of the port explosion and any Israeli aggression, did the Lebanese people not assume that the international community should help them? But why do some not accept help from their own people?”

The Secretary-General of Hizbullah believed that there are many fronts in the world that we are not responsible for being present in because of our inability to do so, indicating that those whom we cannot help with money have weakened our faith, to suffer from their pain, or to pray to them and raise our voice and demand their rights.

“When we want to seek assistance from the Islamic Republic of Iran, we must demand it within its capabilities, and this is how we ask each group,” he said.

While Nasrallah added, “When you support the Palestinian people or go to Syria to fight armed terrorist groups, is this a major national interest or not?”

His Eminence also offered condolences on the death of Ayatollah al-Taskhari, may God have mercy on him, who, despite his old age, did not give up any opportunity to serve Islam and Muslims.

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