Saudi Sports News: The Saudi Football Association provides a “financial advance” to first-class clubs


Saudi Football Federation

Saudi 360 – The Saudi Football Association announced today, Sunday, that it has provided a “financial advance” to clubs wishing to take advantage of it in Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s league for first-class professional clubs and second-division clubs, with a total of 6 million 400 thousand riyals.

The Saudi Federation set an amount of 200,000 riyals for each club in the first division, and 100,000 riyals for second-class clubs.

This step by the Saudi Federation to facilitate the task of the clubs came after the return of the football competitions that were suspended due to the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

from his side; Yasser Al-Mashal, President of the Saudi Federation, affirmed the Federation’s Board of Directors’s keenness to stand with the clubs in the current circumstances and to provide the necessary support to enable them to overcome this crisis that affected the whole world.

Yasser Al-Mashal praised the constant cooperation of club presidents to work with Al-Ittihad in a one-team spirit to advance Saudi football.

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