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Friday 28/8/2020 02:22 AM Abu Dhabi time

“Al Ain News” monitors the most prominent events in the field of technology, in the framework of providing a distinguished service to the reader that covers the important events of the sector at the regional and international levels.

The giant Facebook has joined the front of technology companies in conflict with “Apple”, noting that half of its revenues are in the wind due to new updates in the “iOS” system.

Kevin Meyer, CEO of social networking app TikTok affiliated with the Chinese ByteDance Group, has resigned from his post under pressure from US President Donald Trump’s administration on the company as a “threat to US national security.”

Expo 2020 Dubai collaborates with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support societal innovators who have the ambition and potential to improve the lives of millions of people who live in a variety of complex, fragile or marginalized human environments.

The popular social networking application Tik Tok has attracted the attention of millions of Egyptians, especially teenagers, until the user base of the Chinese application in Egypt reached 7.2 million monthly active users at the end of last year.

Samsung is preparing to announce its “foldable” surprises after 5 days, specifically on the first of next September.

After a period of calm, a group of North Korean hackers called “BeagleBoyz” and under the control of Korean intelligence returned to intensify the activity of penetrating banking systems internationally, to conduct fraudulent money transfers and exchange money through ATMs.

Alcatel unveiled its new 3X smartphone, which belongs to the basic category, and with a battery that works for 31 continuous hours, what experts described as “an economic hard work phone.”

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