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Protecting the child from abuse and violence is not an indication, but rather care for him, a guarantee of his future, and protection for the whole society, and it is the first step in the stability of the family. Recent studies have shown that a child who is subjected to violence is more inclined to use violence in his advanced years, and the effect of violence on the child varies according to his personality, the type of violence practiced and the person who performs it.The child protection system in the Kingdom has expanded the definition of child abuse to include: leaving without family support, not obtaining his identity documents, completing his required health vaccinations, causing him to interrupt his education, or being in an environment where he may be exposed to danger, ill-treatment, or harassment Sexually, or exposing him to sexual exploitation, or material exploitation, or criminality, or begging, or exposing him to scenes that are outrageous, criminal, or inappropriate for his age, or an apparent continuous failure in his upbringing and care, as well as allowing him to drive a vehicle below the legal age And everything that threatens his physical or psychological safety or health.

The preamble of the Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms that “recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and of their equal and inalienable rights constitutes the basis of freedom, justice and peace in the world. The international human rights media also states that” childhood has the right to special care and assistance. ”

The Convention on the Rights of the Child requires that states work to “not subject any child to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Provided that “all measures shall be taken to protect the child from all forms of violence, harm, physical or mental abuse, neglect or neglect, abuse or exploitation, including sexual abuse.”

As for violence against students, the regime called on all countries to take all measures to ensure that the system is managed in schools in a manner consistent with the dignity of the child.

17 Saudi committees to prevent abuse of children

The Kingdom at an early stage turned to the importance of confronting violence directed at children, in accordance with international standards, and enacted systems to provide full protection, while the Ministry of Human Resources formed (17) committees for social protection in the regions and governorates, in coordination with the relevant authorities in order to achieve social security for them and take into account their interests.

A center for receiving reports against violence and abuse has also been established, which receives reports of domestic violence, over a period of (24) hours, in addition to rapid intervention from the center for receiving reports in cases of abuse, and immediate coordination with the relevant authorities to serve victims of domestic violence in the community.

Writer Ghazal Al-Yazidi says that the Kingdom’s efforts to protect children’s rights internally are not limited to citizens, as it includes all nationalities, including Syrian and Yemeni children, by providing free educational services and health care, and Saudi efforts have crossed geographical borders through the King Salman Relief Center to rehabilitate children who were previously recruited. Militias in Yemen, or those affected by war, and generous support for Palestinian children.


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