Saudi clubs lose their stars before the return of the league


Saudi 360 – After a few days, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman professional league wheel will revert to rotation again after stopping it in the last period, but this return will be absent with a group of players who left because of their lack of agreement to renew their contracts or the failure to reach a convincing solution between the two parties; The club and the player.

The Saudi Football Association issued a decision for the clubs to prevent contracting with any player who refuses to renew his contract until the end of the current season, in the next season and the seasons that follow, explaining that his decision comes as a measure that would contribute to the speed of renewing the players ’contracts.

1- Cape Verde player Deganini Tavares, the striker of the Saudi Al-Ahly team, who left his team, has left, calling for the cancellation of his contract on the pretext of financial arrears permitting him to this step, which was denied and denied by the Al-Ahly club management through a press statement and the player vowed to resort to the law to regain its right

2- Cameroonian Linder Taumba His relationship with cooperation reached a dead end, after he was absent from the team’s training in the past period without a prior excuse from the club’s management, before the Football Association issued its decision to prevent Saudi clubs from contracting with Taumba this season and upcoming seasons.

3- Moroccan Walid Azzaro, seconded from the Egyptian Al-Ahly club to the Saudi Al-Itifaq team, tried to extend his contract for three months or an additional year, but this did not happen as the player left and a decision to prevent him from contracting this season and upcoming seasons was issued by the Saudi Football Association.

4- Jordanian player Amer Shafi’a, the Al-Faihaa goalkeeper, did not reach a mutually satisfactory agreement with his team
5 – Saudi midfielder Abdul Majeed Al-Sawwat failed to agree with his team to cooperate in extending his contract until the end of the current season, and the Al-Suwat contract ended last June, as the player previously signed his transfer contract for Al-Ittihad last January, after entering the free period of his contract that It allows him to sign for any club without referring to his original club.

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