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The Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, reported early Saturday that the Saudi Football Association issued a decision prohibiting all local clubs in the first and first class from contracting this season and upcoming seasons with the former Cameroon striker Leander Toamba after he refused to extend his contract.

The Cameroonian striker missed the training of the team that is preparing to resume the league within days after a long period of suspension due to the pandemic of the Corona Virus without any prior excuse due to the expiry of his contract on June 30 and his refusal to continue with the club.

Toamba requires the Department of Cooperation to increase a million dollars for the last year of his contract, which the club has extended according to the preference clause with the granting of financial concessions for each goal he records or manufactures and a reward for every win that is a reason for it, but the club rejected his conditions to leave in the end because he refused to sign the renewal contract.

The frequent media appearance of the Cameroon striker, and the player was presented to a number of clubs by his agent, and his follow-up of club accounts and the cancellation of accounts related to his club, angered cooperation and prevented his continuation with the club.

Toamba, who is 30 years old, participated in two seasons with cooperation, during which he achieved several successes, during which he occupied in his first season the second scorer of the competition, after Al-Nasr striker Abdul-Razzaq.

The Saudi Football Association has taken a decision to prevent dealing with any player who refuses to extend his contract with his club until the end of the season, which will resume on August 4 after a long pause due to Corona.

To this, Toamba joins the black list that includes former striker Walid Azzaro, who will not play in Saudi Arabia again because of his refusal to extend his contract with the agreement, and it also includes Amer Shafi’a, the former Al-Fayhaa keeper.

Toamba replied

For his part, the player quickly responded to the decision of the Saudi Football Association via his Twitter account, where he published his message to Al-Taawun Club regarding the renewal of his contract.

And the player tweeted:I really respect the federation’s decision, but to make it very clear, I have never refused to extend my contract until the end of the current 2019-2020 season with Al-Taawun Club. I took the initiative and asked the club to extend my contract until the end of the current season. ”


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