Saudi Arabia: The arrest of a gang that stole $ 320,000 worth of gold


When did the robbery happen?

Year 2018.

– Of the gang members accused of theft?

Two citizens and three residents from Yemen.

On Thursday, the Saudi police arrested a gang that stole money and valuable jewelry from a house.

And in the details; Madinah police managed to arrest those accused of stealing 150,000 Saudi riyals (40,000 dollars), jewelry and gold valued at about 1.2 million riyals (320,000 dollars) from a house, according to the local newspaper, “Okaz.”

The spokesman for the Madinah Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Al-Qahtani, said that the security follow-up for the crimes of assaulting money and tracking the perpetrators resulted in the Criminal Investigation and Investigation Division being able to arrest suspects in a theft case that occurred in 2018.

Al-Qahtani explained that the defendants are two citizens in the second decade of age, and three residents of Yemeni nationality.

He pointed out that “they were arrested, and legal measures were taken, and referred to the Public Prosecution.”


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