Saudi Arabia sets a date for the trial of Palestinians and Jordanians on charges of supporting the resistance


The account of prisoners of conscience revealed, in tweets on Twitter, that the Saudi Specialized Criminal Court has set a date for the trial sessions of a number of Palestinian and Jordanian residents who have been detained for more than a year, on charges of supporting the resistance.

He explained that the trial sessions will start from the beginning of the next month of Safar, that is, after about 3 weeks from today, and the account of prisoners of conscience included a list of 36 names that he said were for a number of persons involved in the trial.

In February 2019, Riyadh arrested more than 60 Jordanians and Palestinians residing there, on charges they deny supporting the Palestinian people and providing financial support to the resistance.

On the other hand, the prisoners of conscience account indicated that the Specialized Criminal Court at the Terrorism Court will hold a session for Sheikh Nasser Al-Omar during the next few days, in addition to a number of other sheikhs who are prisoners of conscience.

He added that it was confirmed that Dr. Ibrahim Al-Harithi, the former executive director of Al-Andalus Private Schools, who was arrested in 2017, in a secret trial, had been sentenced to 5 years in prison, despite previous promises to his family that he would be released, and the account confirmed that the family was surprised by the news of the ruling.


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