Saudi Arabia records the lowest death toll from corona since late April



Ahmed Yosri

During the past 24 hours, the Saudi health authorities recorded the lowest daily number of cases of coronavirus emerging in more than three months.

And the Saudi Ministry of Health announced today, Sunday, in its daily report on the developments of the virus that causes “Covid-19”, that 1357 new cases of the epidemic were monitored within the last 24 hours (compared to 1573 cases in the previous day), the lowest outcome since April 30 when 1344 casualties were recorded.

During the last day, the Ministry recorded 30 new deaths caused by “Covid-19”, which represents a significant increase compared to the previous day’s number (21 deaths).

This brings the total number of coronavirus infections that have been recorded in the Kingdom since the beginning of the pandemic, 278,835, including 2917 deaths and 35,837 active cases, including 2011 patients in critical condition.

The Ministry pointed out that no injuries were reported in the Holy Places.

And 2533 patients recovered from Corona in Saudi Arabia since yesterday, bringing the total number of people recovering from the epidemic in the country to 240081 people.

Source: RT


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