Saudi Arabia records 1432 new cures from “Corona”, compared to 1,372 injuries


Today (Monday), the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 1,372 new cases of the Coronavirus, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to 299,914 cases. Of these, 28,93 active cases are still receiving medical care, and most of the health conditions are reassuring; Of these, 1758 are critical cases receiving intensive care.

The daily report to monitor cases in the Kingdom stated that 1,432 new cases of recovery were recorded, bringing the number of people recovering from Corona in Saudi Arabia to 268,385 cases.

The ministry explained that the new infections recorded today represent 46 percent for females and 54 percent for males, and children account for 11 percent, adults 85 percent, and the elderly 4 percent.

The number of deaths reached 3,436, after 28 new deaths were recorded today.

The Saudi Ministry of Health called on “everyone to make sure to wash hands with soap and water. It is the most important way to prevent (Corona) virus, and every person must wear a mask when leaving the house. Whether medical, cloth, or a tight-fitting cover over the nose and mouth, an exception is made for those who are alone in a closed place.


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