Saudi Arabia is trying dozens of Palestinian and Jordanian detainees for supporting the resistance


Gaza – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”:

Amnesty International announced that Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudari (81 years) and his son, Dr. Hani, a Palestinian, who have been detained for more than a year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are still denied access to a lawyer and are subjected to grave violations, while the Saudi authorities have revealed, By setting dates for dozens of Palestinians and Jordanians to be brought to trial next month, accused of “supporting a terrorist entity.”

It confirmed that the two men are subjected to gross violations of their human rights, including being subjected to “enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention in solitary confinement”.

The International Human Rights Organization indicated that there are serious concerns about the health of Dr. Muhammad, who suffers from cancer, which makes him at great risk due to the “Corona” virus, and he needs urgent medical care and cancer treatment.

And “Amnesty” called on King Salman to ensure the release of the two men immediately and unconditionally, and stressed the need to provide protection for them, and to grant Dr. Muhammad al-Khudari immediately “appropriate medical care.”

Dr. Al-Khodari is currently detained in “Al-Ha’ir” prison in Riyadh, while his son is detained in “Dhahban” prison near Jeddah, after they were arbitrarily arrested on April 4, 2019. He is a retired doctor and politician who has been residing in Saudi Arabia for nearly 30 years. Hamas representative in the kingdom.

“Amnesty” said that Al-Khudari had appeared in a group trial before the Specialized Criminal Court, a court specialized in “combating terrorism” in Saudi Arabia, and the trial came against the background of “fabricated” charges covered by the anti-terrorism law, neither of which had legal representation.

In the context, the Twitter account of prisoners of conscience, which tracks the file of detainees in Saudi prisons, stated that a number of Palestinian and Jordanian personalities will be brought to trial at the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh next month, including Al-Khoudary, on charges of supporting a “terrorist entity,” and is intended to support “ Palestinian resistance.

Hamas announced the arrest of al-Khudary four months later, after leaving the door ajar before the mediations that failed to push Saudi Arabia to release him, and later announced its disapproval of the Saudi State Security Investigation’s arrest of al-Khudari, without any justification as part of a campaign that included many Palestinian residents In the kingdom.

During the month of Ramadan, specifically before Eid al-Fitr, new mediations were activated to release Dr. Al-Khodari, and there was hope that a royal decree would be issued to that effect, but the matter did not take place, and the movement subsequently welcomed the initiative of the Houthis to release Palestinian and Jordanian detainees, including Al-Khudary and his son, in exchange for The release of Saudi soldiers who were captured by Al-Houthi in Yemen.

The head of the Hamas media department abroad, Raafat, once expressed his great concern about the health of Palestinian detainees in Saudi Arabia due to the spread of the Corona epidemic, and pointed out that Hamas had communicated during the previous months with regional bodies, with the aim of examining the conditions of the detainees, and in a humanitarian effort. In order to request their release, he confirmed that the movement sent messages to the Saudi authorities directly and through several channels as well.

It is worth noting that relations between the movement and the Kingdom reached the point of estrangement, which resulted in those detainees being brought to trial on charges of “supporting a terrorist entity,” which angered Hamas.

The Geneva-based Euro-Med Monitor had revealed that the Saudi authorities had arrested dozens of Palestinians, and said that it could not determine an accurate number for their number, but it counted sixty people, and referred to estimates that the number is much higher.

He added that he was able to document testimonies from 11 Palestinian families who subjected their children to arrest or enforced disappearance during their stay or visit to the Kingdom, including students, residents, academics and businessmen, as they were isolated from the outside world without specific indictments or presented to the competent authority (the Public Prosecution) and they were not allowed to contact With their loved ones or communicating with their lawyer.

A testimony was transmitted from the family of a detainee who resides in the West Bank family, stating that she lost contact with her son during his visit to the Passports Department in the capital, Riyadh, several months ago, as she and her son’s friends who work for a Saudi company were prevented from asking or inquiring about his fate or where he was being held.

The Euro-Med Monitor stated that another Palestinian whose family lost contact with him in July of last year, and since that time she knows nothing about him despite their repeated appeals to the authorities to reveal the fate of her son or his place of detention.


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